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Web Services Specification
Web Services are simple, interoperable, messages allowing you to integrate ESB Services directly.

More information on web services and how they are used can be found at getting-a-look-at-web-services

Using the webservices you can submit jobs, receive the information and documents for completed jobs and download invoices

The web services are hosted at

Message Security
- To provide message security MD5 hashing will be used.
- Details of the algorithm will be made available on application
LandRegistryRequest(XmlDocument) return XmlDocument
- This allows you to submit electronically a request to ESB to extract information and provide documents for a block of flats

- ServiceType element defines the service required (Extraction,LeaseDocuments)
- MessageID is a customer reference for the message

- The xml message to pass (and gets returned) is landregistryrequest.xsd

GetExtractedInformation(XmlDocument) return XmlDocument
- This fetches the information ESB has extracted from the land registry for you and returns it in an XML document
- The xml message to pass (and gets returned) is GetExtractedInformation.xsd

GetDocuments(XmlDocument) return Byte[]
- This fetches a single land registry document specified in the XMLDocument and returns it as a byte array
- Code example from Microsoft
- HOW TO: Send and Receive Binary Documents by Using an ASP.NET Web Service and Visual C# .NET

- The xml message to pass is GetDocuments.xsd

Getinvoice(XmlDocument) return XmlDocument
- This fetches the invoice for a previous request returns it as an XML Document

- The xml message to pass is GetInvoice.xsd

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